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The choice of Positioning
Each project is unique with its own peculiarities. We define all of our projects on the basis of observations and carried out analysis, which will determine the share to be achieved, behavioral lines, organization, transportation, activities and investments.

Strategic and operating Market
We first define the strategic Marketing plans in coordination with the Company Management.
Then, through data about Competitors’ pluses and minuses, we move to the analysis of the corporate ones. From thought to action on all the emotional and practical levers, in order to improve every project with the Market operators’ partnership. And to define sell-in/sell out actions, making easier commercial collaboration’s resolutions at the same time.

Action plan
Actions referred to goals and growth designed by Marketing. Sales Management and service activities’ organization related to logistics, merchandising and back-office.
A coordinated effort between our KAM and the Client Company, to achieve maximum results.