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Market Analysis

Understanding the Market to conquer it
Capturing new Markets, both domestic and international, requires knowledge and strategy.
Data related to potentialities are essential for the Management in order to take the best investment decisions. It’s fundamental, therefore, to segment information and understand how to achieve the share, what kind of actions and tools are needed. That’s why WePartner acts directly with the methodology of the potential’s research and opportunities’ analysis.
And we rely on four different levels:

1) Detection of institutional data – Entities and economic structures and recognition for consumption;
2) Direct detection of quantitative/qualitative/geographical panels;
3) Interviews with stakeholders;
4) Interviews with consumers, requests for purchasing habits verification.

A careful checking of distribution channels
We make a check to understand the products distribution and preferential channels. An important and accurate analysis to better define what steps to take, in order to integrate ourselves in the primary, secondary and tertiary segments.

Competitors: domestic and reference channels recognition
What are the main Market players and how are they positioned?
What is their level of penetration, pluses, minuses and share they are holding?
All these answers, in one and fundamental survey.

Knowing to be known
The best entry strategy requires the best information.
WePartner can always indicate the degree of the reference Market saturation, the possible initial barriers and expectation for a new player. Thanks to Buyers, Store Managers, Store Departments interviews and, especially, thanks to our experience.