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How to get prepared

 To analyze the Market and collect potential data
 To check the distribution channels
 To determine the competitors in the area
 To measure each competitor and size up pluses and minuses
 To understand operators’ expectations for a new player’s entry

 Select the consumer/target Placement
 Aim to be pursued and Market share
 Strategic and operating Marketing (sell-in/sell-out)
 Action plan

Direct Organization
 Fixed investment levels (staff, location, costs and so on)
 Return on a long-term and high-risk investment
 Not so evident ability to penetrate
 Very expensive services’ management

Outsourcing Organization
 Variable costs and little initial investments
 Qualified Management and consulting, legal constraints-free
 Immediate presence in several countries
 Established and accredited service facilities supporting Business
 Wide-ranging Market penetration
 Business control and its consolidation over time